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MicroBio MB1 Bioaerosol Sampler

The MicroBio MB1 bioaerosol sampler is the simplest to use and most economical microbial air sampler of its kind.  It has been fully validated and thousands of units have sold worldwide.

The Affordable Microbial Air Sampler

The MicroBio MB1 bioaerosol sampler is capable of using both a 90 mm Petri Dish or 55 mm contact plates with 220 and 400 hole sampling head option. Using standard readily available consumables at low cost with a variety of media makes the MicroBio MB1 an economical instrument to use. The MicroBio MB1 bioaerosol sampler is an invaluable device for use in food and packaging quality assurance, indoor air quality and education.

Watch the MB1 being used on BBC TV ‘The One Show’

Supplied with the MB1 Bioaerosol Sampler

  • Petri dish and contact plate spring sets

  • Stainless Steel Sampling head

  • Printed operating manual

  • Padded carry bag

  • Multi-voltage world-wide charger with international plugs and 12V in-car plug

  • Ansmann maxE NiMH cells – pre-charged so the MB1 is ready to use out of the box

  • Certificate of Calibration


To support your use of the MB1 bioaerosol sampler, the operating instructions, spreadsheets to help analyse the results and documentation templates for qualification can be downloaded from the links below.

MicroBio MB1 Manual (November 2016 onwards)

MicroBio MB1 Manual (May 2014 onwards)

MicroBio MB1 Manual (pre May 2014)

Positive Hole Correction Analysis Spreadsheet using Excel™ (Windows™ or Libre Office)

Positive Hole Correction Analysis Spreadsheet using Numbers™ (Apple Mac)

MicroBio MB1 IQ/OQ/PQ Document Template

Sampling Head Option

The MicroBio MB1 can be purchased with the option of one of two types of sampling heads.   The MicroBio MB1 will be calibrated for use with the selected head.  If swapping to another head type, the MicroBio MB1 must be re-calibrated.

220 x 1 mm hole stainless steel head

This is the standard head sold with the MicroBio MB2 and MB1 air samplers.  It is designed as a dual purpose head for both 55/60mm contact plates or up to 90mm Petri dishes.  The d50 cut-off point of 1.7 um and has a jet velocity of 9.63 m/s.  It is the ideal head for general purpose sampling in air quality and food production.


MicroBio 220 Hole Sampling Head

400 x 0.7 mm hole anodised aluminium head

Available as a no-cost option, this head provides full coverage of 90mm Petri dishes with a d50 point of 1.35 um and air jet velocity of 10.7 m/s.  These heads are ideal for use in areas needed higher sensitivity of collection.

MicroBio 400 Hole Sampling Head


Replacement Parts

Head Retaining Spring  (Part No. P0001M009)

Replacement sampling head retaining spring.  Sold individually


Contact Plate Holding Springs (Part No. P0001M007)

Replacement springs used to hold 55 mm contact plates.
Sold in a pack of 3.


Petri Dish Retaining Springs (Part No. P0001M008)

Replacement springs used to hold 90 mm Petri dish plates
Sold in a pack of 3.


Spring Retaining Screws  (Part No. P0001SCR003)

Replacement stainless steel M3 x 6 screws used to fasten the dish, plate and head retaining springs.  Sold in a pack of 10.

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