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Protrol calibrate all makes and types of Temperature equipment and Instrumentation including, Indicators, Recorders, Signal generators, and various other devices.

Our Temperature Laboratory is equipped with Temperature controlled baths and 'reference standards' of temperature. These are provided by standard resistors, Fixed point cells, and platinum resistance-thermometers


Protrol calibrate all makes of Temperature measuring instrumentation including Temeprature Gauges, Transducers, Switches, Transmitters

Indicators,  Recorders,  Platinum Resistance and Liquid-in-glass Thermometers, Thermocouples, Bi-metallic Indicators, Capilliary Filled Sysyems, Thermohygrographs, Psychrmoeters, Pyrometers and Various other devices.


Temperature calibration is carried out with reference either to Fixed Points, or using comparison methods.


The range of Temperature calibration available is from -80 to + 1350 Deg C with simulated temperatures outwith this range


The temperature scale used within the laboratory is The International Temperature Scale 1990   ( ITS 90 ).


Key Benefits
Wide range of Measurement / Calibration Calibration against UKAS certified reference standards.
Wide  range of devices calibrated
Repair or replacement where required.

Check with us if you do not see your device listed as this section contains only a brief description of the product range covered 

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