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Protrol calibrate all makes of Vacuum measuring instrumentation including:

Vacuum Gauges, Transducers, Switches, Transmitters,Indicators, Recorders, and Various other devices.


The range of vacuum calibration available covers

Low Vacuum        :    103   / 1 mbar

Medium Vacuum :    10-1  / 10-4

High Vacuum       :     10-4 /  10-8 mbar


Calibration devices can  be grouped into the following broad catagories:

Active Strain Gauges


Active Thermocouple Gauge

Active Pirani

Capacitance Manometer

Active Inverted Magnetron


Key Benefits

Low, Medium and High measurement / Calibration Calibration Atmospheric down to 10-8 mbar. Wide  range of devices calibrated


Check with us if you do not see your device listed as this section contains only a brief description of the product range covered

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