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​This view shows only a small part of our Barometrics Pressure Calibration Laboratory


Protrol calibrate all makes of Pressure measuring instrumentation including:

Pressure Gauges, Transducers, Switches,Transmitters,Indicators, Recorders, Barometers, Manometers and Various other devices.


The range of pressure calibration available covers Absolute pressure, Low pressure, Gauge pressure, Differential pressure and High pressure with ranges up to 4000 Bar (60000lb/in2 )


Calibration devices can  be grouped into two broad catagories.Those using fundamental measurement, such as deadweight testers and liquid column manometers, and secondary measuring instruments, like sensors such as Bourdon tube gauges, Capsule Gauges, Silicon strain gauges, Piezoresistive strain gauges, and Piezoelectric


Wide range of Measurement / Calibration against UKAS certified reference standards

Check with us if you do not see your device listed as this section contains only a brief description of the product range covered

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